Bananas is the clean and hilarious comedy TV show produced by Guardian Studios. Each hour-long Bananas TV Show features a different nationally recognized comedian, including a wide variety of performers, who are all dedicated to the art of clean comedy. The backbone of a Bananas comedy show is great stand-up comedy, but the show also contains not-so-serious interviews that get inside the mind of the comic as well as unscripted "on-the-street" moments that mirror the comedian's act. Best of all, Bananas is fun for the whole family to watch together. Each Bananas show is taped before a live audience and is hosted by L.A. comic, Thor Ramsey. Bananas recently received a Midwest Regional Emmy for Outstanding Entertainment Program.

Bananas comedians entertain with a wide variety of styles. There's plenty of classic stand-up comedy performers, but there are also musicians, impressionists, characters, jugglers, and ventriloquists. You'll even see shadow puppets, unicycles, and all kinds of props and stunts- including a cheeseburger spinning on top of an umbrella! You will see it all on Bananas!

Bananas comedians are available on DVD in more than one way - you can choose one banana or a whole bunch! Choose either your favorite comedian on their featured DVD or an entire season in a DVD boxed set. Either way, the best kind of comedy is banana comedy!